Property Record Cards Search Hints

...Searching by name?
Enter the Last Name and First Name or the first few letters of the Last Name. Do not use any punctuation in the "Name" field (i.e., do not use hyphens, periods or apostrophes).

...Searching by address?
Enter the Street Number and Street Name or the first few letters of the Street Name. Street Name is mandatory. For best results, do not enter street type (e.g., St., Ave. etc.). If the street name is a numeral, i.e. 28th Avenue, spell out the street name, Twenty Eighth. Try numerals only if it can't be found when spelled out.

...Searching for Parcel Id (TMS)?
Do not use hyphens, dashes or spaces in the "Parcel Id (TMS)" field. Parcel Id (TMS) should be a 10 digit number or 10 digits followed by 'A' / 'B'.

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